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Jul. 24th, 2030 09:41 pm
Pink girls' Pokedex

"The trainer you are trying to contact cannot be reached at this time. Please leave a message, or try again later. This is an automated message."
[there's the ding of an incoming message, and suddenly audio with a black screen. The voice that starts talking is caught mid-sentence, the sure sign of someone who doesn't realize their Pokégear has turned on, and you can tell from the timbre and husky tone that it's a young woman who is very curious indeed. Not to mention nonplussed]

--huh. Pretty strange-looking for a book, if it is one. But I guess any place that's used to flaming horses is going to be a little strange. ...No offense.

[a (somewhat ironic) whickering sound is heard, and the blackness suddenly swings away as the cover of the Pokégear is absently lifted. There is indeed a young woman holding it, smiling wryly at something to one side and not paying much attention to what her hands are doing. Her thick black hair is rough and untamed, held back by a carelessly tied scarf, and her dress is... probably not of a type you're used to seeing. Brightly coloured, it almost looks like it's been pieced together from mismatched bits of fabric, and while well cared-for, it's obviously worn and travel-stained.

Her skin is dark, her eyes are a bright green, her features are slanted and exotic, and if all this wasn't clue enough to the woman's origins and way of life, the gold probably is. She's bedecked in it -- large hoop earring, jangling bracelets, a heavy cuff, and (most telling) coins sewn to the fringe of the shawl tied around her hips. The gypsies only value what wealth they can take with them, after all.

The wry look on her face changes into a grin as a long milk-white head with large black eyes leans in and nudges her, as if in response to her words. Amused, she gently pushes the Ponyta away]

All right, you had your look. Now let's see... [she turns back and blinks at the screen, brow furrowing slightly in puzzlement] Hmm. I wonder what happens if I push this...

[bip! Transmission end]
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Saved here mostly for reference.

the Tear of the Double Mermaid; Ghost Gold; the Clockwork Grapes; the Sun Stone; the Crown and Rosary of the City of Corpse; the Aqua Vitae; the Dream of the Sleepless King; the Vintage Smile; the Gigantessa's Heart; the Living Masterpiece ("Chef d'Oeuvre Inconnu"); the Shinku (the Holy/Great Brain, the Brain of God); the Millennium Stew and Kitchen Spindle/Eye In the Sky; the Parfait d'Amour; the Invisible/Invincible; The Holy Suit; the Grand Embroidered Tapestry and Picon; Kir and Crime Royal; Kümmel's Liquid Crystal Egg, Crime Street (Rue de Jing), and the Woman in the Crystal.

Cidre; Rose; Mirabelle; Izarra Tumbler; Vermouth; Benedictine; Stir; Kirsche; Fino; Shin Lu; Sugar and Grenadine; Anisette; Alize; Picon; Cassis, Apple, Mint, and Clove; nameless Sledgehammer girl and Orzo; Glögg (King of Southern Comfort).

Mayor Cognac; Grappa; Mastergear and Sherry; Baron Goblet; Pernod and China Lilet; Head Chief Maraschino; Angostura Sr. and Jr., Warrior of the Rising Sun, the Ice triplets; Pesca Luminosa; Drambuie and the Doktor; Dr. Uryan and Bloody Caesar; the attendants of the Lost King, the Kitchen Spindle/Eye in the Sky; Borus and the Tax Officers (including Jet27); Eyguebelle; the Odd Association, the funeral director; Amarcord's police officer, the forest fairies; Kümmel and Tovarisch; rabbit swindler.

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NAME: Jing
AGE: ? (somewhere between 16 and 22, most likely)
HEIGHT: ? (probably somewhere between 5'8" and 6')
BODY TYPE: Thin and muscularly compact. Jing is constantly travelling, so his body is very durable and he has incredible stamina.
HAIR: Short, black, and spiked
EYES: Gray

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Name: Zidane Tribal
Race: Unknown (Spiran?); raised by Al Bhed
Age: 16
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue-green eyes, tawny cat tail
Languages: Spiran, Al Bhed
Occupation: Sphere hunter Guardian (Dagger)
Weapon: Twin daggers
Family: Tantalus - Baku, Cinna, Blank, Marcus, Ruby, Zenero, Genero, Benero
Background: Abandoned as a child and washed up on the coast of Bikanel, Zidane was taken in and raised by a group of Al Bhed thieves by the name of Tantalus. He has no memory of his early childhood, and his only clue to his heritage is a strange tawny-coloured, cat-like tail sported by his rear. Zidane is well-known by the Al Bhed and rarely bothers to hide the appendage when on Bikanel, but when he has to go through Spiran cities he often wraps his tail around his waist and pretends that it's a belt.

Zidane once left Tantalus in an attempt to find out where he came from, but the journey ended in failure and he returned to Bikanel to receive a reprimanding beating from his foster father, the band's leader, Baku. Since then Zidane has stuck with the group, considering them his family, and himself as an Al Bhed (the other Al Bhed consider him one of them as well, and his blonde hair and blue-green eyes often lend to the illusion). After the defeat of Sin, Tantalus raised its sights from general thieving to sphere hunting, specifically.
Friends: [profile] naivewings, [profile] bigpointyhat, [profile] stilllingers, [profile] not_sudit, [profile] summoners_dance, [profile] hearts_machina
Enemies Not-so-friends: [profile] guardian_of_luv
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PlayeR o~
Name: Della Jones
Nationality: American
Age: 12
Hobbies: Reading, writing, poetry, singing, biking

Name: Aleta
Class: MultiWeapon - Harvest, Flicker, Steam Gunner
Level: 23
Appearance: Nina Wyndia, Breath of Fire III
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Fraser (Fraze) Jones
Nationality: American
Age: 17
Family: Parents divorced, one younger sister (Della, 12)

Name: Sheed
Class: Blademaster
Level: 17
Appearance: Calintz Jerevinan, Magna Carta: Phantom of the Avalanche
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Nibblin' on sponge cake, Margarita Rozeta
watchin' the sun bake; 18
All of those tourists covered with oil. Scholar, Entertainer
Strummin' my six string on my front porch swing. Bad with weapons, but can use magic.
Smell those shrimp, Educated in folklore, religion, and legends. Superstitious and gullible, easily swindled. Can sing, do a bit of magic, speak several languages, and play guitar. A doormat, enjoys really weird things. Personality changes entirely when she becomes intoxicated.
They're beginnin' to boil. The oldest daughter of the famous Rozeta merchant family, Margarita knows her way around a ship . . . and that's about it. Hopelessly gullible and thus easily swindled, horrible at numbers and thus hopeless at accounting, Margarita was eventually sent to Fontaine in the hopes that a proper education at the foremost academy, the Scholarum, might straighten her out. Unfortunately, it didn't. She is, however, enjoying her studies in crazy gods, manipulative mermaids, and sarcastic sea serpents. As long as she doesn't lose all her tuition money in the market, everything should turn out fine.
Sophie Hatter - Professor of Herbology
This Sophie is based off of the book version of Howl's Moving Castle, so she has reddish-blonde hair. Just . . . pretend that the icons do too. :D

Name: Sophie Hatter
Age: 22
Status: Professor
Subject: Herbology
Wand: Ash, 12 ¾", essence of Silver Thistle
Pet: Percival
Family: Fanny Hatter (stepmother), Lettie and Martha (sisters, younger)
Background information: Born the eldest of three in a family where the eldest is supposedly always doomed to fail first and worst, Sophie decided to take her fate into her own hands and go out to seek her fortune. Coming from a line of modest purebloods, Sophie applied to the wizarding school of Hogwarts and--after being sorted into Ravenclaw--worked hard in the hopes that enough training in her magical gift would secure her a life of adventure. She had adventures enough in a few short years (mostly thanks to Howl), and has returned to Hogwarts to teach Herbology.

While stern and short-tempered by nature, Sophie has a practical logic and underlying kindness that tends to draw students to her as a confidante. She particularly dotes on Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.
Best Friends: [livejournal.com profile] professor_howl, [livejournal.com profile] wolf_whistle
Enemies People to Bully >O: [livejournal.com profile] lucky_perv, [livejournal.com profile] professor_howl
Extra: Sophie's had a strong dislike for Transfiguration ever since she accidentally got turned into a cat in her sixth year and was stuck like that for several weeks. :3

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Zidane Tribal - Fourth Year Gryffindor
Name: Zidane Tribal
Age: 14
Year: Fourth
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Cherry and Maple, 13 ¼", essence of dragon's heartstring
Family: Tantalus - Baku, Ruby, Marcus, Blank, Cinna, Zenero, Benero, Genero
Background information: Taken in at a young age by the Lindblum thieves' ring theatre group known as Tantalus, Zidane has never known his biological family, but it doesn't seem to bother him. Brought up with a healthy interest in women and a flair for the dramatic, Zidane was introduced to the world of wizards early on in life, as Tantalus is as famed for its performances in the magic world as it is in the muggles'. As soon as the letter from Hogwarts came, Zidane was off, and he's been having a blast ever since (with the possible exception of flying classes).
Favourite Subject(s): Muggle Studies
Best Subject: Ancient Runes
Worst Subject: Flying (he swears up and down it's the tail)
Best Friends: [livejournal.com profile] _hammertime, [livejournal.com profile] _v_i_v_i_, [livejournal.com profile] ___dagger, [livejournal.com profile] hereiam_ty, [livejournal.com profile] karaoke_pirates, [livejournal.com profile] _magickitty, [livejournal.com profile] eiko_knows_best
Enemies: [livejournal.com profile] young_red_lion; shares the general dislike of [livejournal.com profile] c3h5n3o91_baby, [livejournal.com profile] gossip__slyth, and [livejournal.com profile] snape_head. ^^;
Extra: Alexandra and Lindblum are at peace, unlike in the game, and although he's only ever been able to see her from a distance at performances, Zidane has managed to develop quite the crush on a certain princess...

Rabi messing with the camera

[This is a role playing journal for the RPG [livejournal.com profile] sortinghat_rp. In no way do I own Zidane, Final Fantasy 9, or much of anything associated with J. K. Rowling.]
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((Takes place after this.))

[So far it's been a very pleasant Christmas Day for Aoko! It was a school day, sure, but there were plenty of decorations and games being played, and she got to hand out cookies to everyone and give her Christmas present to Keiko. Her father is going to be home early from work today, just in time for the big supper she has planned, and the Christmas tree is sitting bright and decorated in a corner of the living room.

The only thing that's been off is that Kaito didn't show up at school today. Aoko's a little disappointed, but not surprised. He probably wanted to spend today with his family. She'll just have to see him tomorrow.

...And she tries not to think about what the fact that she's disappointed means]
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Takes place after this and this.

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